Embracing Diversity



Faculty and Academic Equal Opportunity/ Affirmative Action Office. The mission is to insure that every member of the Health Science Center (HSC) community, individuals seeking employment or an education, and individuals who wish to participate in a benefit from programs and activities offered by the HSC are afforded equal opportunity and freedom from all forms of discrimination that may violate their civil rights and other protections afforded them by the State of Texas, The University of Texas System and The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio (UTHSCSA).

Associate Dean for Faculty and Diversity, School of Medicine, Janet Williams MD . This position provides a supportive infrastructure to enhance the intellectual and behavioral environment that will engage faculty from the initial appointment through each phase of the Promotions and Tenure process. The overarching goal is to assist the departments and centers of the School of Medicine to recruit, develop, promote and retain outstanding clinicians, educators and scientists.

The Office of Student Life , seeks to foster an inclusive university community through transitional and holistic developmental programs. This office connects students to the university through collaborative events and services such as orientation, peer advisor program, student organizations, student activities, wellness and recreational sports, and commencement.