Embracing Diversity



Committee on Advancement of Women and Minorities
This committee serves in a consultative and advisory capacity to the UTHSCSA President and the Vice President for Academic, Faculty, and Student Affairs. The committee is involved in the development of priorities, the formulation and recommendation of plans, and the facilitation of actions that promote the professional development and advancement of women and minorities at UTHSCSA.

Medical Faculty Assembly Diversity Committee
The Committee shall have the responsibility for assisting the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs in developing new policies and making recommendations to existing policies regarding the hiring, retention, recruitment and promotion of women and minorities of the faculty, staff, residents and students in the School of Medicine.

UTHSCSA International Relations Committee
The missions are to help disseminate and acquire information in the health sciences on an international level, to develop, promote, and coordinate support, to encourage contact between this Health Science Center and academic institutions in other countries, and to foster international alliances and visibility on campus.