Embracing Diversity

Committee for the Advancement of Women and Minorities (CAWM)


Distinguished Lecture 2009 - Dr. Annelle B. Primm, M.D., M.P.H

Disparities in Mental Healthcare of Diverse Populations: Establishing a Process of Elimination


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Distinguished Lecture 2008

Myths and Realities in Implementing Cultural Competence in an Organization


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Distinguished Lecture - Dr. Howard G. Adams

The Committee for the Advancement for Women and Minorities proudly presented its first distinguished lecture series speaker on April 2, 2007. The chosen topic was mentoring. Faculty, students and staff were invited to attend two presentations by Dr. Howard G. Adams.

Current Views on Women's and Minorities Issues:

Janet Williams, M.D., Associate Professor, Pediatrics

  • February 10, 1994 - Chancellor William H. Cunningham reported to the UT Board of Regents, Expanding Opportunities for Women and Minorities in The University of Texas System. Focus: 'pipeline' issues, advanced degrees conferred, women and minority faculty, and senior administrative staff (A&P). Outgrowth: Form UT System Committees on the Status of Women and Minorities. Goals: assess 'pipeline' programs and recommend ways to increase women and minorities preparing for academic careers; assess programs and recommend methods to recruit, retain, develop and promote women and minorities into senior faculty and administrative positions; enhance these opportunities collaboratively among the UT components; monitor and advise on related national issues.
  • The UT System Committee on the Advancement of Minorities, charged June 1994. Final report August 7, 1995. Asked to focus on minority faculty and senior administrative staff with above goals.
  • The UT System-wide Committee on the Advancement of Women, charged July 1994. Report November 14, 1996. Asked to focus on women faculty and senior administrative staff. Goals included: compile and review data and initiatives regarding representation and availability of women faculty and A&P at UT and other US institutions; propose policy to advance women; propose professional development opportunities; foster implementation of policies and programs; monitor and advise on related national issues. Outgrowths: Policy for Extension of the Tenure Track Probationary Period; Guidelines for Establishing a Mid-Probationary Review Policy; Guidelines for Preparing Supportive Materials and the Management of Faculty Promotion Candidate Files; Programs in Leadership Development and Mentoring; Salary Review and Equity Survey.
  • March 1997 Chancellor Cunningham's response to recommendations includes component campuses must organize or designate a Committee on the Advancement of Women. May be the same as or separate from the campus Committee on Minorities. Focus on faculty and senior administration.
  • September 1997 UTHSCSA Committee for the Advancement of Women and Minorities created. Charge was to focus on faculty and senior A&P staff. (Charge subsequently expanded in 1999 to include all women and/or minority personnel - faculty, A&P and classified personnel.)